collegeAgrabad Mohila college came into being in the year 1988 at road no.- 17, C.D.A. Resindential Area; Agrabad; Chittagong; with an area of near about .4000 acres after so much of anticipation by some true-hearted local enthusiastic entrepreneurs who had long dreamt so far to inspire and promote education among the local female section of the society by developing educational infra-structure of the area specially by constructing a full-fledged Degree and a Master Degree college for them only to encourage, ensure and smoothen their participation in the main steam of education in the country.

Looking Back:
On a nice brilliant noon in the farm house of Mr. Abu Naser the then member of Arasca; on a picnic in 1986, all the eager members discussed the feasibility of the project of building a women college in the area projecting it as the pit of higher education in the southern part of the city.

Finally on 12 Feb; 1988, Mr. L.K. Siddiki, the then Member of the parliament and Later on the minister for the water resource; people’s republic of Bangladesh, laid the foundation stone of Agrabad Mohila College. in association with other members late M. A. Hannan, Mr. Mominul Haq sarkar; Mr. Abdul Latif; Mr. Serajul Islam; Prof. S.A. Siddiqui; Mr. Shafiqul Islam, Mr. M.A. Ajij; Mr. Jalaluddin Ahmed; Mr. Motaher Hossain; Mr. Abdur Rajjak; Mr. Md. Shah Alam; Mr. Abu Ahmed Majumdar and the others in presence of the district commissioner- Mr. M.A. Mannan as the chief guest of the master ceremony.

Simultaneously Mr. S.A. Siddiqui; a nationally reputed educationist. was chosen the founder principal and later on cheif of the project Architect, Jarina Hossain made the architectural design of the college free of cost. Total land for the construction of the college along with another 0.1932 acres (12.5 Kathas) plot beside the Sonali Bank (Mohila Shakha) at road no. 01; C.D.A. Resindential area. agrabad; ctg. is provided by ARASCA (Agrabad Residetial Area Socio-Cultural Association), its mother organisation.

With the very start of the college, it showed extra-ordinary gesture in dealing with average and below-average students. The matter was proved when it could make a simple 2nd division at S.S.C. level Khadija to come to Top-10 merit list from the commerce group in its initial move under Comilla Board in 1990. This roused a huge acclamation all around specially in media that ulfhnately proved to be a lucky-charm for the newly-start college and the rest is history.

At Present : 
At present total 1609 student at H.S.C and Degree(Pass) level are studying in college in different courses of studies.

Its absolutely an undeniable fact that late prof. S.A. Siddiqui had firmly throned the college on a granite foundation to enjoy its fruit by its later generadious with the help of some inspired brilliant enthusiastic hard-working teachers.

Group Teachers : The College  strictly moves in accordance with its academic calendar besides the national one. During the whole session twenty or above twenty students are brought to close observation of a group teacher to monitor the overall academic and non-academic activities of an individual student. During parents meet, guardians and teachers come close to each-other in solving the problems of their ward.

The past tradition with ……………………. some changes as the demand of the day has always been reserved by the authority for the betterment of the students and the institutions at large.

After the sad demise of the founder principal, S.A. Siddiqui on 1st Feb 2005, Anwara Begum ran the institution for six years from 2006 to 2012 C.E.

In 2013 C.E. after her departure, Mr. Krishna Kumar Datta, former principal of Nizampur College, chittagong took the charge of the college as principal and is still running with full vidorer and energy in co-operation with the present government body chaired by M.P. Abdul Latif, teaching staff, teaching ables and the others of the 3rd and the 4th class employees.

Total teaching staff, teaching aides and other resources of the college are – 43 (Forty three) having 01(one) instructor, 02(Two) demonstrators, 01(One) Librarian and 01(One) Assistant Librarian.

Total 49(Forty nine) M.P.O. and 16 (Sixteen part-time) teachers runs the whole college from 09 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Ins and Outs : The college throws a nice perspective to the viewers outsice. It is a south facing five-storeyed building with two entrance with a tolerable playground.

Total plinth level of the main building is 30,000 sqt. It has 22 (twenty two rooms to teach and 11(eleven) more for administrative works.

Best-Known For its Excellence : The college is ranked and valued most as one of the best private colleges in chittagong metropolitan area as if undauntedly promotes pursuits of knowledge, truth, secularistic views, national and moral values ultimately to come to the service of the nation

So to ensure quality, rich and good congenial educational atmosphere, training at national levels are availed and seminars are held for the teachers for their the best growing with the day demand at regular intervals.

Observance of all national days are strictly held to grow up national flavour among the teachers and the students round the year.

Disciplinary Actions And Audits: In any failure to carry out individual duties and responsibilities, the accused to brought to strict disciplinary actions to retain the prestige of the institution unharmed.

Besides yearly audits, routine and its are also administered for the sake of  administrative transparency and accountability.

Inspection Team: And to ensure the safety of the students, to upgrade their ethical upliftment with no-discriminatory standard education, to increase their class attendance, – a college weekly Inspection Team regularly moves monitors its activity each working day of the week.

Academic Committee: The college academic Committee, working as the brain of the institution, guides and regulates the academic programmers of the college round the year.

It (academic committee) also regularly updates syllabus, oversees its impendation timely in session and improves need-based internal programmers on education for the betterment of the students such as updating the internal exam system to grow up the analytical, interpersonal skill and power of knowledge in them.

Since the public exam is a govt.-run exam, there’s nothing to work on it. Hence, different internal EXAMS, CLASS-TESTS, WEEKLY AND MONTHLY TEST are regularly taken to prepare the students to cut happy figure in the public exams during the whole session.

Being a seat of excellence through higher education, the college patromies different extra-curricular round the year any to grow up leadership skill competitions, sports, cultural programmes, blood donation and social awareness campaigns.

I.C.T. : 
To fulfil the demand of the day and to face the challenges of modern time, the college has developed a very good standard I.C.T. education and facilities for the students to get them fully equipped in this field.

Future Whispers: The college authority is moving forward robustly at present to open-up honours courses in some disciplines within the very short line as their future programme.

So, BE A PART A.M.C. And being with it means everything ultimately.

Other Stats About Us

Shishir’s school dresses and dresses of different educational institutions are prepared with low profit so price also lower, making the poor meritorious students of different educational institutions come out in educational institutions and change the environment of education. The purpose of this organization is to fulfill the basic needs of the people of Bangladesh with the mainstream of the poor people of this country with quality services. One involves as the self-reliant nation in the global community. In front of this goal, by 2025 we will distribute the dress of all educational institutions up to the upazilas and union of every district of Bangladesh.